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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 9, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EST

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from new york, defendingefenng freedom, good night, america. t,, welcome to "red eye."t,t,t,, it is like where the wildt, things are, if you mean wildt,t, things you mean rashes.t,t,t,t,, let's go to andy levey for at,t, preview.t,t,t,t,t,t, >> coming up on the big show,t,, a new vaccine for cocainet,t,t, addiction doesn't keep userst, from president whating thet,t, drug.t,t,t,t,t, we'll try to figure out whatt, the point is.t,t,t, 59% of americans favor racialt,, and ethnic profiling fort,t,t,t, airline security.t,t, and finally, ford unveils at,t, new line of cars that willt,t,t, read your tweets to you.t,t,t, why the warranty is only goodt, for 10 years or 10,000t,t,t,t, characters.t, greg? >> thank you, andy.t,t,t,t, >> i liket, my beats stumper.t,, sometimes i get ridiculous andt, i eat your crackers and ridt,t, closes. >> all i want tt,o do is zoom,t, zoom, zoom and poom, poom.t,t, >> peace and humptynesst,t,
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forever.t,t,t,t,t, >> let's welcome our gorgeoust,, guest. she puts the fine in finance.t,, i'm here with number coal.t,t,t, -- with nicole.t,t,t, she is so hot the chilit,t, peppers are suing her.t,t, and he is the mofia don of allt, things con.t,t,t,t,t, big hollywood, big government and now big journalism.t,t,t, he is so bright the sun wearst,, bright bart block.t,t,t,t, do you see that?t,t, well, he is the lucy to myt,t,t, ricky, the marie to my donny.t,, the julie to my captaint,t,t, stubing.t,t, the shultz to my hogan.t,t,t, it is my repulsive sidekickt,t,, bill shultz.t,t, during spring break he broughtt, along dungeons and dragons.t, he has the lips and the quips.t, he is funnier than a group oft,, children bashing a pena taut,t, with a bat only to find a realt, donkey inside.t,t,t, and he is left unread int,t,t, "better off dead."t,t,t,t,t,t,t, it is our new york timest,t, correspondent.t,t,t,
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>> gold leader tomorrow nightt,, at arlene's grocery at 11:00t,t, sharp.t,t,t, he rocks the mic like lancet,t, rocks the break.t,t,t, but no performance enhancingt,t, drugs.t,t,t,t, well maybe some cocaine.t,t,t,t, >> that's gret,at, bill.t,t,t,t, pluging a band in brooklyn.t,t,, >> well, she a friend oft,t,t,t, bill's.t,t,t,t, >> shut up!t, it is a solution, to coke and is it a joke?t,t,t, scientists tested a so-calledt,, vaccine against cocainet,t,t, addiction.t,t,t,t,t,t, i don't know why either,t,t, people.t,t,t, it came in thet, form of shotst, that stopped the drug fromt,t,t, entering the brain andt,t, providing the extremelyt,t,t, powerful high that i havet,t,t,, never, ever once experienced.t,, >> nor have i seen yout, experience. >> not with you in myt,t,t, apartment ever.t,t, >> you have something undert,t,, your nose.t,t,t, is it a powder donut?t,t,t,t,t, >> that's a lie.t,t, over a hundred coke addictst, were given shots over 12t,t,t, weeks, and then they were tested again.t, guess what happened.t,t, more coke, that's what.t,t,t, some of the addicts took thet,t, vaccine and ended up ingestingt, 10 times as much coke intot,t,t,
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their system than before thist, study began.t,t,t,t, others reported going broket,t, buying the drug from multiplet,, dealers hoping to find at,t,t,t, variety that would get themt,t,, high we have some of thet, subjects reacting to the vaccine using extra normal .com. >> while some vaccine is great -- >> totally great. >> really great. >> really, really great. >> you are awesome. >> you are awesome. >> you are super awesome. >> you are super, super awesome. >> you are super, super, super awesome. >> we should do more vaccine. >> yeah, more vaccine. >> you're awesome. >> no, you're awesome. did i tell you i write poetry? >> you did, 35 times already. >> i want to eat your face. >> bill, i have no idea what that's like. >> the only inaccurate thing about that is they didn't blink enough. should have been a lot more blinking. >> i have to tell you, you know, this is what i don't understand about the scientists. the vaccine is supposed to make it harder to get high off coke which if you are a coke
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head or you know coke heads, you know that it means you will just try to find more coke. >> the vaccine doesn't work. what i suggest -- had to do experimentation with this is instead of injecting the vaccine you free base the vaccine. >> it doesn't work any better, but you can get really messed up from it. >> take one for the team. that's very nice 4. >> it is my contribution to "red eye." >> welcome back, nicole. i don't understand how you can create a vaccine against self-destructive behavior. it is part of what you are as a human being. we know the drugs are bad, but the will will always be there. could you take a vaccine? what kind of behavior would you like to stop if there was a vaccine? >> for myself? exhibitionist? >> really? >> choc-aholic? >> give her the vaccine! >> no, but it would only work in one in 5 people and the rest overdose?
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you have to want to quit. i'm all for sex, drugs and alcohol and lots of fun, but not ones that put you on your death bed. >> absolutely. >> or make you go broke. >> they should have medical cocaine instead of medical marijuana. the government gives everybody clean dollar bills and you are taking care of your glaucoma problem. >> i wish you were our surgeon general. andrew, congratulations on big journalism, well done. another great launch for you. >> thank you. >> let me ask you this: if you had a vaccine that could stop you from doing all of the horrible things you do, would you take it? >> no, no, no. no way. i think it is such a -- i love this story that cocaine is still in existence. i haven't seen it in years. it is like, i'm weirdly nostalgic for it. i want to go looking for it tonight. i want to peer into bathroom stalls to see if people are doing it. they could have learned this on a lesson -- they could have tested this out on a more inknock could you us with substance to find out that this thing of giving people
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toxic stuff, it will only cause them to try and get more. my son, charlie eats his muffins and we would dip his fingers into skunk gas, you know, the spray? >> yeah. >> and he has lost his septum trying to find the perfect muffin because his fingers would find it. it happens across the board. >> did you do the vaccine yourself? >> would you ever wipe the muffin like that? >> that's a telltale sign. >> we have to get uh a way -- gite one thing i will say. kids used to be shamed. don't eat your muffins. but my children taught us with our muffins. >> i'm gonna -- >> included are 24-year-old chaz. >> i'm going to try to steer this conversation away from muffins. bill, you were part of the study. how did you think it went?
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>> i don't remember, but i remember tiping my waitress way too much. i don't know who i was trying to impress. it was a table full of dudes, but we were trying to outdo each other. i think it is interesting. bright bart is in hollywood, and he never sees coke anymore, and here as you know in new york there is nothing but coke. there is more coke than street in new york. we know -- assume there is an area in the midwest where the meth and the coke combine and that town i would call awesome, greg. >> you need to get there immediately. >> and the mayor is ecstasy. >> it is in iowa, i believe. >> iowa, call us. our first remote show. >> have i to wrap this up. before i do, don't do drugs. it is bad. i have to say that. >> isn't there a song "white lines"? >> yeah, but i don't know the lyrics. there is a land crab of logic. now to something serious.
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as the underpants bombers entered a new not guilty plea, a poll say 60% favor ethnic profiling for airport security. our president admitted that, quote, the buck, unquote, stopped with him, and he is right it was his fault and he deserves the blame that comes with it, and possibly a life spanking with a feather duster. during his campaign he rarely mentioned terror because change meant so much more. it was then obama revealed two major blind spots. one that missed the greatest threat to america in recent times, and another that missed the biggest threat to his own presidency. any idiot, and i mean myself specifically, could have told him even if healthcare reform or global warming ranks as priorities in your life, they slide off the front pages when terror appears. your concerns are pit fall when your kids are on a plane. and it didn't just mar the candidate. the lax attitude trickled down to every single hire including a homeland security chief who
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disdained the word terror and is only now seeing how rude al-qaeda really is. in the end it was obama that created the atmosphere of under reaction. it was no surprise that it wasn't just the underwear bomber caught with his pant down. if you disagree, you are a racist homo fob who does -- doesn't recycle. >> paul, how awesome or pathetic was it i wrote that monologue so i could get to that joke about his pants being down. >> and you did it in your underwear with something in there. that's awesome. i think if we will racial profile anybody, it will have to be somebody i'm thated greg. it looks like you are packing something in your pants. >> please. you're making me blush. >> where are we going with this topic? andrew, let's inject some intelligence into this conversation. obama -- what are you doing? >> my nose is bleeding. >> your nose is bleeding? >> i don't know why.
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i have no idea. >> obama has an opportunity to become a hero. he seems legitimately now pissed off. you even herd guiliani say he has finally caught on to the idea that terror is an important aspect. do you think he has got to the point where he believes this is a real problem? >> no, no, i don't. but we can solve this. we can solve this on our own. you know i have one single repeatitive serious thought, and that is political correctness will be the death of our civilization. it is not excessive politeness, but i figured out how to solve it and how we can take on the terrorists. there are two politically correct groups -- there was a poll that said the majority believe in racial profiling. there are two groups that uphold the political correct -- correctness in the media. media matters and now here is how you do it. you tell care that the members
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of media matters for america are all having unprotected sex -- or just sex. just having sex. their sister organization, and that under surreal law means care has to kill media matters. >> that is an amazing theory. >> that theory needed a chalkboard. >> i'm gonna ask you, a lot of people say profiling is racist. i mean, that's the primary argument. if you look at a group of people that are more likely to do something dangerous, you talk to those people more than others? >> that's what profiling is. i took an informal survey with some friends and they are fine with it. i am also fine with the body scanners. i'm a fan. >> really? >> i think it is harder for a guy to go in the body scaner because there is more guessing. for a girl, i don't have a problem going into the body scaner. >> of course you would go. >> if i was brad pitt or somebody they can go like this, are you greg?
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you can cover your face. really, go for it. >> yeah, andy, you are waving and i can see that. >> yes, that's the vaccine talking that you like these scanners. >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> i think it is sad where we -- >> your exhibitionism. >> again, i don't know what you are talking about. >> it is sad we got to a point our airline security program is i see france, i see england, i am not looking in your underpants. >> the same thing with the ped -- the thing is with the pedophiles. that's the concern. >> i don't know, i think they will blur the faces of the kids. you are often profiled in magazines and how do you feel about the process? >> usually i am profiled with my single name, but thanks for the outing. first of all, the profiling thing doesn't work. you look at some of the things they ask you. if they have an arabic name. gee, how difficult will it be to change your name? if they are wearing arabic
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dress. not one of these guys is wearing anything approaching arabic dress. >> they look at behaviors. >> behaviors is fine because that's not racial aided and racial profiling. that's profiling. i can get behind the feer vaw tiff attitude. there is a reason racial profiling is considered racist, because it is. >> no, it is not. now we move on. she was canned for showing her cans. a former employee at bride's magazine which i believe is about hunting and fishing believes she was fired due to a breast augmentation surgery. she was discussing her new sweater-busting breasts with a couple female co-workers and they asked to see the results. she obliged in the privacy of her office unbuttoning her blouse slowly while licking her lips. i believe we have surveillance tapes of what happened next. nothing out of the ordinary there. word got around the office about the show and tell, and even though she never actually removed her bra, one joyless
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staffer went to human resources. two days letter the top heavy desk jockey was fired. the response to the firing in the office? outrage. do we have the tape? i really can't tell the difference between their joy or their outrage. >> i think i need to see it again, over and over on a loop. >> nicole, you work with women. is it common practice for women to show off their assets, or is it wrong? >> that just happened in my office. no, i think women who get breast implants do like to show them, honestly. it is like getting a harry winston diamond. >> robert you embarassed you got them -- robert sh -- aren't you embarassed to show them? >> every person i know got them are eager to show. the workplace is touchy. did it make them uncomfortable? >> are the friends always supportive. ? are the friends like, you go girl. way to go with your deep insecurity. >> i uh -- apologize to
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everybody in our audience who has had implants. you get the shallow of the month award. >> andrew, how much money are you puting on the fact that it was probably a woman who complained? >> a lot of money. i wonder if they would fire somebody for taking out a post vaccine bag of cocaine desm. what would helen girlly brown -- like the entire 70s was spent with helen girlly brown talking about sexuality. they will call this neo-puritanism, but at the end of the day what this is is a legal way to fire somebody. >> bill, you constantly show co-workers your 14 nipples and you still have a job. is there a double standard here? >> i did that when i worked with the science magazine, and in that case it was a part of a story. >> and you were feeding puppies.
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>> i saw that. >> i was trying to show the circle of life. he is right. particularly in magazines. i used to work at con de nass. she was wearing a sports bra. they have a gym. you can see the sports bras every day of the week. >> remember we put that little hole in the -- >> exactly. i would just go and try to spot them. they were on bikes. >> the problem is the person she showed them to was a photocopy machine during a christmas party. she crossed them -- crossed the line. >> she is looking to call out anyone who doesn't sell car ads. they used it as an excuse to kick her out. >> doesn't she have a better chance of selling cars with the new assets. >> sorry, i was looking at nicole. >> why are you looking at me? look at greg. >> do you think so? >> i don't think so. it sounds a little racy. >> isn't it sad? >> i don't know. let's move on, please. what andy? i have to move on. last word to you.
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>> it was just so out of character for david brock to tell on this girl. coming up, i hope you like sing alongs. >> is nothing sacred? >> is tila tequilla for reala? better question, why can't i find any jackets that fit me better. i seem to be in between sizes.
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two greg-alouge's tonight. the key to a healthy marriage is to cheat on your spouse. in her new book called "i'm a chicken glass who has given up" she says men shouldn't be punished for cheating and women might find their mate's infidelity liberator. she says men don't cheat
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because they stopped loving their wives, but they need more room to breathe. it makes me think the book was ghost writen by john edwards. sometimes infidelity is inevitable. in a beret-shaped nutshell, against such odds, why bother? the secret to a good marriage is to make it a bad marriage. we need to put this in perspective. the author is french and she hasn't seen a good film in years. i wonder how she applied the logic to making french bread and sometimes the dough does president have to -- doesn't have to rise to make it edible. that makes the same sense as advocating pro-adultery marriage. as for those idiots left to defend monogamy, you only open yourself up for accusations of hip pokey once you screw up. just say you never meant to be faithful and you are fine. it is an easy win for cads. getting a female shrink to agree with you. poor maurice, i'm sure her husband can't wait for her book tour, you know, when the
3:22 am
cat is away. if you disagree with me, are you probably a racist, again. a racist i tell you. paul, you know, there was a study that said 63% of people say they know a spouse that has cheated. >> yes. >> is that too high or too low? >> i think that's too low. >> too low. >> i think it is close to 80%. cheated or tried or played around with it. in fact, i have to leave. good night, everybody. i'll be right there. >> is trying to cheat and failing worse than succeeding? >> yes. you are so pathetic on several levels it is ridiculous. you are probably bragging to people you are ma nothing muss, but it is because you failed. i do not believe for a minute 40% of french men cheat. 100% of french men cheat. if it is not 100% you are cheating. >> they have the built in excuse that they are french. >> yeah, i mean, in their culture, they totally -- they smile upon it. if you don't have three mistresses in france, you are
3:23 am
considered gay which is also very french. the mistresses sometimes -- >> and the mitt trusses sometimes have to be men. >> as long as you are cheating. >> all cheating is heterosexual. andy, are you a happily married man. what is your secret? >> first of all, you can cheat with the french women. the hairs stick out there and there. that's three. that's three you could cheat on right there. you know, i hate talking about cheating. did you see the movie "funny people"? and there was the infidelity thing? even talking about cheating makes me feel guilty like i have cheated. i hate it. am i the only person that feels that way? >> yeah. >> i don't like it. >> yeah, i don't know. i feel the same way, maybe. just being polite for his sake. wait a minute, nicole, have you given up on faithful men? >> no, i'm gonna say to that french man, monjure.
3:24 am
you have to believe. you have to believe in something. i don't know if you are faking it or pretending, but i think you should go for -- >> i believe in big foot. but scientists say. >> once you break the trust, you are always worried and all these things. i say go for the long haul and stay ma nothing muss. >> you have never been tempted? >> tempted by the fruit of another? no. >> you looked away and looked down when you said that. >> you do all that before you get married. >> it is easier not to cheat than to cheat. cheating creates too much stress to think about getting caught. the idea is never having to worry about that again. bill, have you ever -- >> or not getting married. >> that's the other option. >> tiger woods should consider that. >> bill, have you ever cheated on your inflatable corbin benson doll? >> that's the beauty of it. we have an agreement. the beauty of it we have in door vows. he looks the other way because
3:25 am
i put him on the chair that way. >> i see you raise a finger so you will get the last word. >> if you -- if he feels guilty about cheating, that's what the cocaine is for. i just wanted to solve that. >> exactly. >> and the breast implants. we are covering all of the bases for a really depressed individual. >> the biggest fall back to date is cocaine. we have done that enough on this show. do you have a comment on this show? i bet you do. e-mail us, red eye at fox news .com. to leave a voicemail on my direct line 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from andy levey. he's a jerk. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by sundays with my chimp. after going out hard on friday and saturday night, there is nothing like relaxing with your favorite chimp. thanks sundays with my chimp.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have anything wrong so far. we will tease andy levey. a cocaine vaccine sounds amazing. what is next, a catnip vaccine for your felines? >> no, but i have resolved to completely ignore cat-themed or cat-related questions or comments. >> andy, your sensitivity to these cat openings is disturbing and it has even bothered our robots. jarks, run -- jack, run tape. >> what is his freaking problem with jokes with cats?
3:30 am
>> maybe it hurts with the ladies. >> he is so thin skinked. no wonder he is single. >> he is afraid of intimacy, commitment, but apparently not cat dander. >> who ever colored his hair did a good job. >> i agree. let's make out. >> cocaine vaccine doesn't stop users from wanting the drug. greg, the vaccine is supposed to milwaukee it get harder to get high on coke which doesn't make sense because it just means users will get more coke. the idea is it can help people who are highly motivated to quit. if they slip up and do some coke, they won't get high which would then trigger the craving for more. >> interesting. >> also, this show started off with a bunch of lies. let's leave it at that. say no more. >> moving on. >> they were lies a longtime ago. now there is a truth. >> it seems to me what they need to do is they need to make it like ant abuse.
3:31 am
you don't get drunk, you just get sick. the way they have it now, you feel nothing. not feeling nothing -- feeling nothing is easy. that's how i go through life. >> it is true. i don't need a vaccine for that. nicole, you said it only worked for one in five people and the others overdosed. actually nobody overdosed. >> are you sure? >> yes. some people did 10 times more, but nobody oded. >> is that bad? >> i pass out judgments. andrew, when you said your son eats his muffins, would you suggesting owema should be impeached? >> we are already marching forward from that and in june of this year, the hearings will begin. >> excellent. good to know. that's a red eye exclusive. >> you are invited. >> hearings on your son or obama? >> greg, you talked about how obama said the buck stops with him. i like the part in his speech where he says, we are at war with al-qaeda and my justice
3:32 am
department will prove it in court. >> i missed that part. >> and guiliani even said obama has turned the corner on taking terrorism seriously. was that before or after he said there were no terror attacks? >> after. >> just checking. >> your theory involving media matters and care made no sense. yet, for some reason i enjoyed it. >> i did too. >> you're welcome. nicole, you have no problem going through a body scaner. would you like to fly somewhere this weekend? >> that's not right. as long as i can hide my face. >> i don't think he is talking about your face. >> no? >> they fire bride magazine exec for showing co-workers her implants. i want to congratulate this woman on the huge settlement she will be receiving. and you said this is an excuse just to fire someone which will cop out in the lawsuit. i -- come out in the lawsuit.
3:33 am
>> i am not arguing. >> and i can seld my issues. >> watch bridezilla. that will give you the guidance you need. >> greg, you couldn't tell the difference between the outrage and the joy between the two videos we had of the office reactions. paul, you said you need to see them again. let me show you. here is the outrage. that was the outrage and now here is the joy. >> it is very much like the film where you have to watch and analyze. >> back and to the left. >> something is to the left. greg and men cheating. you said the title of the book is -- well, it is actually men love fidelity.
3:34 am
it is men, love, fidelity. >> easy to get con us food. >> it is easy to get con us food. >> is it spanish for chicken? >> in france it is okay to cheat on your wife, but if you have an argument with her you could go to jail for psychological warfare? >> exactly. that's why you don't get married. andrew, you said even talking about cheating makes you feel like you cheated. you asked if you were the only one who felt that way. yes, you are the only one with a guilty conscience. >> i feel so guilty. i hope media matters picks up on this. shame on you. >> i'm done. >> thank you, andy. let me welcome back our guests, nicole. she is so hot you have to wear flip-flops when walking on her back. andrew, an author and political commentator. he can shave his face with his face. and paul he knows hilarity
3:35 am
like i know disparity. it is hard being a gnome. and now tila tequilla, the fame bucket who can't stop making another woman's untimely death all about her. a time line, in early december the exmtv freak hooks up with johnson and johnson heiress tila tequilla. and then she uh united states nos that she is engaged to johnson. yea! she is rich. several weeks later johnson is found dead. tila logs on to twitter. please pray for my wifey, kasey johnson. she passed away. thank you for your love and support, i will be off line to be with family. >> tragic for her. >> i just got news my fiancee is not dead, but in a coma. omg! hang in there, my love. casey johnson will forever be in my heart. and we will marry when i see you in heaven my wifey. so the johnson family wishes
3:36 am
this petite parasite would fall into a pit of pythons and never return. a source close to the family, quote, it would be nice if tila showed a thread of dignity. she has paraded around in little clothing for the photographers around her pad. frankly, i would rather look at this. >> that makes me happy. you know, tila tequilla for me represents everything vial about pop culture. she is an incessant parasite being fed -- her ego is being fed. >> stop being on the fence about this. first of all, i am shocked somebody named tila tequilla would show questionable judgment. i am shocked at that. secondly, when somebody is grieving, which she does
3:37 am
between herself and 20 million viewers, give her her space. >> she is tweeting in some undisclosed location instead of being in the hospital. omg, just found out she is in a coma. getting back to sports center. the whole thing made no sense. >> nicole, should we just ignore these people? are we obviously just as shallow as they are for talking about it? >> she is such an attention geter. wasn't she in playboy and has millions and millions of followers? i don't like it. one of the psychologists said it is the only way for her to get it out. >> wow. >> by the way, i can confirm she was in playboy. i did the tila tequilla and then nude trick in good gel. -- google. >> after living in l.a. you have very, very ambivalent attitudes about tila tequilla. >> i live near the tequilla compound and there is flowers and a vigil 24-7. >> is she hoping for money? is she hoping for money saying
3:38 am
she is her wife? >> did you see what the best part of this entire week was? nicky hilton and bijou philips went to tila tequilla to get the dying dog, to try to put it to death so that they could put it in the coffin with her. bury her with ms. johnson. >> i think they denied that though. i thought they took the pets to take care of them. i haven't been following. >> it is twitter rumors. they are dirty twitter rumors. >> you must sympathize. >> i have procured the book "hooking up with tila tequilla." this is for all of you kneeing tau tiff nelly -- all of you negative nellies. i quote from the chapter haters. "haters always finish last" end of chapter. >> well done. >> something to think about. >> she had a ghost writer.
3:39 am
>> we have to move on. thank you. always an unusual pleasure having you here. coming up, more of the same with far less clothing and far more body paint. one of the worst albums of the decade? actually, are apples the coolest thing?
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it is the beginning of a new decade, and while most people prefer to look ahead with optimism, we at "red eye" prefer to look back in anger. we will spend a few minutes discussing the worst albums in the last 10 years. who else should we ask to discuss this but the angriest, but smartest man in rock
3:43 am
criticism. let's welcome back mark prindel. he runs mark prendel .com. he hates everything including himself. good to see you. happy new year. >> good to be here. >> start us off with the 10th worst album of the decade. >> number 10 is metallica "saint anger." i love metallica, we all do. but they wrote it and recorded it with their psychologist. that's a good ploy. you put in the cd and contract severe depression. you need a psychiatrist and boom he is right there. >> number 9. >> number 9 is david lee roth, diamond dave. i love david lee roth, but it is an album that stipgs to high heaven. if you thought van halen 3 was bad, you are correct, it is terrible. >> number 8, give me your 8. >> no surprise here, guns and roses "chinese democracy." when i woke up and saw the top music magazines were given it
3:44 am
high reviews, i knew i had gone to hell. it took 15 years to write these songs? i shudder at the thought of 2042 when the next album comes out. >> number 7. >> weezer, ratitude. when i posted on fate book i was going to talk about the 10 worst albums of the decade, he says, how many weezer albums will be on the list? they started average and got worse and worse. they stink. >> number 6? >> linkin park, minutes to midnight. as you know, linkin park fans have the ability to enjoy some of the worst music ever created. and even they can't stand this album. >> number five? >> smashing pumpkins. i thought they stunk the first time and then they reunited. who is billy corrigan dating now? >> jessica simpson? what about me. >> eminem "encore" one of the worst albums full of farther noises and burping.
3:45 am
children need to realize that our hip hop artists look up to them as role models. with that responsibility comes a big -- i don't know what i'm saying. >> number 3? >> pink "i'm not dead." i guess i will have to work on my aim. i'm not really gonna shoot her, greg. >> number 2. >> joan knee mitchell "shine." she paved paradise and put out a piece of crap." actually, she hasn't put out a good album since the 70s. the reason i put that in there is she announced her retirement in 2007. then she came out of retirement to record this song for starbucks. keep the hippie dream alive, joan knee. >> what is number one? >> madonna "american life." this was her first album after 9/11, and she was so affected by the tragedy she wrote a huge, long album about how hard it is to be a celebrity. greg, have you heard bruce springsteen's "the rising"?
3:46 am
it is fine if you like lighthearted pithel. did you know madonna can't eat carbs. it is harrowing. >> what is your best album of the decade? >> i could have gone with radiohead, killing joke, a lot of ings this. i went with an underdog. wean quebec. >> great band from new hope, pennsylvania. brothers i believe. >> they are not really brothers. >> i am getting them confused with sparks. silly me. i would like to share my worst 10 albums of the last decade. number 10, behind the front by black eyed peas. number 9, bridging the gap by the black eyed peas. number 8, elefunk by the black eyed peas, spell incorrectly. where am i? monkey business by the black eyed peas. number 7 -- >> 6. >> 6, the inn by the black eyed peas. this is good. at number 5, behind the front by the black eyed peas.
3:47 am
and then number 4, bridging the gap by the black eyed peas. and then number 3 i have elefunk by the black eyed peas. number 2, monkey business by the black eyed peas. and then the end by the black eyed peas. mark, what did you think of my list? >> where was chris cornell? >> i hate chris cornell. the number one album is the director's cut which is a super metal band it has lomardo from slayer. i think the best metal album of the last 10 years. i believe that. and it is all movie themes. interesting. any final words before we go? >> just that my only problem with that album is i didn't know any of the movie themes. i don't know any of the songs. >> that's not your fault. don't blame them.
3:48 am
>> why are they so stupid? they are putting out an album with songs i don't know. >> mark, go to mark prindel .com. it is a great website. up next, your voicemail messages and don't forget my blog. you have to pay for it.
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just some stuff i shot in cancun. if you are wondering, yeah, we still keep in touch. don't say anything bad about her. she can probably find us and track us down. she throws a mean left hook. let me tell you. it is time for messages for greg. kickback and relax. where is the polka music? feast your eyes on some pretty clouds as we bathe your ears
3:53 am
with warm, soupy words. >> hi, greg. this is old crow from hot springs, arc ancht new year's resolution, more pab, less shultz. >> i'm wondering why is it that lately he doesn't know what he has been talking about. he is all into it and passionate about it. he was hot and i was thinking i wanted to unbutton his shirt or something, i don't know. is it mind control or something that he is doing because i don't appreciate it. i usually find bill foul and disgusting. last week, watching the reruns, let me know what you think. >> i saw the rerun of yours last night, and it showed a picture of you with a black tank top and a buzz cut. i know it wasn't you because sergeant wrinkle wasn't there. >> andy, would you give a shout out to my cat, steel law, who passed away on july 2nd -- i mean, january 2nd, just two days ago. i'm very sad. i know you are a cat lover. >> hi, you know what who needs
3:54 am
porno when you have" red eye"? >> hi, greg, nicky from jersey, love your show. especially when one of your crew cracks up in the background. thanks for the laughs, great guests and hilarious regulars. "red eye" is the best way to hear the news. >> that was delightful, want it -- wasn't it? call me on my direct line, 212-462-5050. anyway, getting back over here drunk cameraman. he is throwing up in the corner. we will close things out with the post game wrap up with tv's own andy levey. to see clips of recent shows, you can go to this scrawlly things, fox news .com/red eye.
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don't forget, you can watch us on saturday night at
3:58 am
midnight, eastern time. 9 p.m. pacific time. a new "red eye" returns on monday night with anne co lo ter and dr. death. time to go back to andy levey for the post game wrap up. >> thanks, jerk. paul, what do you have going at hbo? >> a sports comedy series called "got no game." we've got the pieces up on the inter web. hbo .com. check it out. >> is he a friend of yours? >> who? >> paul. >> the strictly ballroom dancer guy. if you go to his website he has tight pants and looks better than i do. >> that's not true. i have gone to both. >> what side is that? -- what site is that? >> show us your breast implants, andy. >> in my office only. >> nicole, is it true you just won a really cool raffle? >> i have to go home and check
3:59 am
the voice male. anybody who knows me knows i win a lot of raffles. every time i play i win. this one was for the souper bowl, two tickets, hotel, air fare. if i won, you guys can all put in a card. >> do you have to go to a time share meeting? >> there's always a catch. >> you don't foe officially if you won? >> i'm serious, i think i won. i really think i won. i'll see you there. >> keep us posted. bill, anything you want to plug? >> no, but i just won the super bowl raffle for the super bowl tickets. i'm probably busy, so i will just toss them. >> i can go. >> no, i will gu toss them. you should take paul mccurio. >> i love ozzy. >> i plugged you on the website and so many people thought it was the guy from strictly ballroom. >> don't tell me that. 15 years later, how old is that movie? >> thank you, andy. nicole, always a charming, charming event.


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